Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poppin the cheerful bubble

Today, thus far, has gotten about a two and a half on a scale of one to ten. Where ten is the most splendid day imaginable. Two of those points are because my sister got a promotion at work. That half point is for the latte I got after lunch..which I spilled down my front. But the bit of latte I did have was really good. I am having one of those days where I really should sit down and catalog the good things in my life as to regain my sense of proportion and recapture that cheerful Crippled Mary Poppins demeanor I usually stumble around with. So...the good things...
1) My sis got word that she will be promoted. My husband, who works for the same company, learned that he is being promoted last week. This means that they are in the same position and will remain in the same position and that is really cool.
2) I got half of a latte after lunch. Actually I got a whole latte only half of it went in my stomach and half of it in my lap.
3)My brother-in-law took great care of me this morning and even got my wheelchair out of the car and brought it into work (we work together....yeah...sis and hubby work for the same company. Bro and I work for the same doctor who just happens to be his father- confused yet?) And even though I didn't use Ezra for too long I had a lot of fun while I did.
4)My pain is not a ten on a scale from one to ten. That would be the migraine I had where I finally determined that the only way to ease the pain was for my husband to chop my head off (then you can put it on a plate Richard III style..with strawberries). I lived through that-head intact and still attached to my shoulders via my neck. I can live through this. I think it might be only an eight on that very subjective pain scale which means it isn't in the double digits so I should ignore it ( I present to you the perfect example of a run-on sentence).
5) work ends in 2 hours and I am wasting time typing a blog. A blog which I am proud of because it got mentioned on the BBC ouch site thanks to Elizabeth of Screw Bronze fame. Wow...I am so very honored and happy. I feel like I almost have achieved my dream of getting published before reaching age 30. And since I found her blog through that very website this completes a full circle. So very cool. And I have a lot of really awesome virtual friends whose lives I relate to my husband as if I had just talked to them (he is a wise man and pretends to know them too).
6)I am going on vacation in less that 1 month. A real vacation.

So see...lots to be really grateful for (Let's go fly a Kite).

Things to not be grateful for:

1)I have freaking MS. I hurt. My legs are doing their Scarlet O'Hara act and swooning at the slightest sign of difficulty (like a short saunter across the room). The office I work in is not designed for wheelchair users. The weather is making my bones ache. I want to curl up on the couch and take a nice long nap after a good pity cry. I have a headache. This day is taking forever.....in short, all summed up into a nice little package, I have freaking MS.

Well, logic dictates that I weigh the pros and cons and tap into that little well of constant cheerful optimism. Right. And a spoonful of sugar...have I mentioned that Mary Poppins actually scares the hell out of me?

*Is it "A spoonful of sugar" or "A spoon full of sugar"? and does it make a difference?*


Elizabeth McClung said...

I have heard of the "half full" crowd, the "half empty" crowd, the "It is likely half full becuase it is POISON!" crowd (hand up!), but you are the first person I know who counts "I dropped half my latte down the front of my clothes" as a "good thing" Which either makes you VERY Mary Poppins or your life is hellish beyond imagining.

I was about to say you have a "workplace incestious beyond belief" when Linda pointed out that I probably meant "A workplace nepotistic beyond belief" - sorry, I am having problems with "word swapping" today - seriously, let me check: you got drove to work by brother in law whose father you work for at a place where your sister AND your husband works but your sister in law and brother in law don't?

I am again, not giving you a "solution" to your migrane because I have learned that the only thing more painful to people with migranes are people who have migranes AND a helpful person to offer idiotic "solutions" that any migrane sufferer tried yonks ago and didn't work.

Where are you going to Vacation?

And if it is of any use, I have actually had the whole thing where you cry while doing functional things which seems to creep everyone out but, geez, in pain, body cries but I keep focused on whatever and they creep in and go, "You're crying" and I turn and, still crying go, "Yeah." and turn back to work (or trying to get up a hill, or trying to get to the bathroom, etc). So, errr, the world won't end if you cry, you just might creep some people out and get offered longer coffee breaks (so you can spill more on yourself...if that makes you happy?)

ms bond said...

Ok, how do you do it? Write blogs while in pain? I just reread yesterday's blog and it confused the hell out of me. I am an optimistic person by nature...all my family suffers from depression and I just have MS. I haven't figured out who got the best deal. I think (not in too much pain right now) that despite everything I won out. That is until I plant my face into another solid object while completing an unreheased swan dive. But I am a realistic optimist. And for the record...at least I got half a latte (and a huge fucking stain on my pants).I am passionate about coffee (and it was only worth half a point).

My family connections are confusing. I met my husband, Scott, in college. His last name is Biss. We moved Crossville where his family is from. My sister attended the same college as we did and we introdiced her to Justin, one of our best friends from crossville. Last name is Bise. My sister, Anita, and I are both ardent feminists and kept our last name when we married...Bond. Now it's the Biss/Bise/Bond clan. Because having a family with emphasis on alliteration confuses the hell out of everybody. Sis and Justin live in the same neighborhood as us.

Anita and Scott work for the same company. But not at the same store. They are both in management. Justin and I both work for his father, Dr. Bise. Not exactly what I had planned on doing with my life but I don't think I will become US special envoy to the UN. It's a good place to work since they make a lot of allowances for me. But it is weird. The four of us are best friends (no incest please!).

As for the vacation- Disneyworld. I have never been and while it might be supporting US imperialistic tendencies in the extreme I just want to feel the joy of being a kid. Its a vacation that is just about having fun. Those don't happen often.

As for crying...it helped. My face screws up into this drama mask frown when I cry so it does shock people which makes me laugh. which makes me cry....

Elizabeth McClung said...

For me, writing while in pain is often the only thing I can control and even then it is very difficult; right now I can't see clearly and my right side doesn't work and this is my second (third) attempt at this comment. But, for me, I'm a writer, wrote the 5th grade play, blah, blah. So trying to make people feel something I don't (like laugh) or really feel something I do is like my version of your climbing the different momuments of the world. And even then sometimes I look back and go, geez, do you think that sentence could have used a subject.....and a VERB maybe?

Thank you for the outline I will try to make a chart of it all later - on the other hand, to have MS and work in a Dr.'s office SHOULD be discrimination and ignorance free - maybe?

I have been to disneyworld a couple times but I find at each 10 years I become more insufferable - the last time, I was laughing so hard at the Exxon ride where they said all the dinasoars happily died to make a modern world of oil for us today that they threatened to throw me off. And my comments of "OMG! Isn't this company that offloaded the retirement and 401K to a shell corp before bankrupting it!" tends to get um, non-appreciative views. But I think I would like it now, as a nostalgia thing, with Epcot, sort of that optimism of the 50s and 80's that if we just let giant corporations do things, well, then golly, everything would be taken care of and things would turn out better. Sort of like the Irony of Mutual of Omaha - an insurance company sponsoring the Wild Kingdom show on TV, an insurance company sponsoring a show about getting into a pit with a lion?